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The AIM Center: A Shared Vision for the Future

Post date: Apr 1, 2024

As we continue planning the Aerospace, Innovation, and Manufacturing (AIM) Center, it is essential to recognize the invaluable contributions of the community that surrounds this ambitious initiative. It is our commitment to engage, inform, and collaborate with the public and stakeholders throughout this journey. The first step in the public involvement process took place in 2023 when we asked stakeholders and local community members to provide feedback, concerns, questions, and aspirations for the AIM Center.

Public Involvement Goals

Our approach to public involvement revolves around key goals to ensure inclusivity, transparency, and a shared vision:

  1. Engagement: Engage the community early, continuously, meaningfully, and inclusively.
  2. Information: Inform community members and stakeholders about the AIM Center’s community value and development progress.
  3. Feedback: Gather and actively listen to feedback to inform the development of the AIM Center’s design, amenities, and features to fit community needs.
  4. Community Goals: Develop common goals and support for future development.

Insights from the Public Survey and Open House

In 2023, we took significant steps to involve the public in the AIM Center’s development, leading to meaningful interactions and valuable feedback. Here’s a snapshot of our public involvement activities to date:

  1. Stakeholder Interviews: Eight insightful interviews were conducted with representatives from city and county agencies, community groups, local businesses, educational boards, and residential organizations.
  2. Open House (November 15, 2023): Sixty community members attended our open house event, providing an opportunity for face-to-face conversations and a deeper understanding of their perspectives.
  3. Online Website and Survey: A dual-language online platform allowed us to extend our reach, resulting in 87 responses to our survey, along with an accessible place to continue to provide new information.

Community Feedback: Shaping the Future Together

In a collaborative effort to shape the future of the AIM Center, community members shared their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations. Their feedback indicated interest in multiple areas, from economic impact to noise control. Let’s explore the insights we gained from our community members, highlighting their role in molding the future of the AIM Center.

Amenities: Survey respondents emphasized the desire for community spaces, educational centers, ample parking, sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic mitigation, airport development, and landscaping.

Industry and Job Opportunities: The community envisions the AIM Center as a hub for aerospace/aviation, manufacturing, research and development, educational institutes, restaurants, and boutique shops.

Minimizing Neighborhood Impacts: Valuable suggestions from the community include limiting building height near the neighborhoods, expanding roadways and traffic mitigation, restricting construction hours, thorough site evaluation and planning, strategic building placement, and efficient construction process.

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Together, we are building a legacy for tomorrow’s aerospace pioneers.