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Somos Pasco

Post date: Nov 1, 2022

We Are Pasco

Somos Pasco is a community wide effort to identify what’s next for Pasco’s economy. The effort is a collaboration of the Port of Pasco, City of Pasco, Franklin County, Hispanic Chamber and Pasco Chamber along with Pasco School District, Columbia Basin College and other Tri-Cities community organizations and businesses. Together, these partners are seeking a shared vision for Pasco’s future.

Somos Pasco creates a community-driven, long-range vision and action plan for Pasco and its economy, in alignment with the most promising economic opportunities and community-wide priorities.

Somos Pasco is a great beginning, not an end. Our goal is to work on some great things that move the community towards the vision, then regroup and go do more great things.

Our Strategy Looking Forward

  1. Promising Sectors for Pasco’s Future Economy:
    1. The “K Through Career” Pipeline
    2. Career Opportunity Awareness
    3. On Job Training
    4. Mentorships
    5. Scholarships
  2. Building on Our Strengths:
    1. Food/Food Processing/Value Added/Pasco-Branded Specialty Products
    2. Transportation/Warehouse/Distribution/Logistics
    3. Advanced Manufacturing; Ag-Related Manufacturing
    4. Timely Investments in Infrastructure
    5. Affordability
  3. Looking Ahead to the Next Chapter:
    1. Professionals/Local Regional Clientele
    2. Homegrown Local Service/Retail Businesses
    3. Tech Industry
  4. Priority Projects:
    1. Riverfront Development
    2. Public Market
    3. Walking/Biking Trail System
    4. Aquatics Center
    5. Downtown Revitalization
  5. Multicultural Community
    1. Downtown Character/Signage
    2. Latino-Themed Events
    3. Hispanic Cultural Center
    4. Trade Mission/Sister City Relationship with Mexico
    5. Conversational Spanish Language Classes for English Speakers

Somos Pasco Summary Report