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Good News! Passenger Enplanement Increase Continues

Post date: Jun 2, 2023

The number of people flying out of the Tri-Cities Airport in 2022 showed a 13 percent increase over 2021 and reached nearly 400,000 enplanements.

“In 2019, pre-COVID, we had a record year at the airport,” said Buck Taft, Airport Director. “When the pandemic hit, air travel across the country plummeted, and the whole industry has been working to recover. At our airport, we continue to see that recovery with strong growth last year.”

The challenge, said Taft, is not necessarily getting people back flying, but having the flights, crews, and seats available to accommodate passengers.

“In 2019, we had 523,517 seats available for passengers flying out of our airport. In 2022, we had 465,965 seats. That’s a drop of 11 percent in seats,” he said.

Reduction of seats is not just happening at the Tri-Cities Airport, but across the country as the industry continues to shift and adjust flight service, equipment, and crews.

To help ensure that you can get a seat flying out of the Tri-Cities, we encourage you to book your flight early. Once booked, continue to keep an eye out for any schedule changes.