Operations Specialist/Guard


The Port of Pasco has an immediate opening for a Part-Time/On-Call Operations Specialist/Guard to serve at the Tri-Cities Airport and Big Pasco Industrial Center.

This position is considered a floating position between the Port of Pasco Big Pasco Industrial Center (BPIC), and the Tri-Cities Airport, and will have approximately one scheduled shift per week at each location, and may be called for on-call shifts at either location as needed, once training is completed.

The purpose of this position will be to safeguard Port of Pasco and Tri-Cities Airport properties from theft, damage, sabotage, and to conduct routine patrols of all properties and perimeter boundaries for fire protection and security.

At no time will the security guard use force to handle a situation, attempt to apprehend a dangerous criminal or take the law into their own hands. This position is NOT a law enforcement agent.

Prospective employee must pass a pre-employment physical and a drug-screening test, must possess a valid driver’s license and a high-school diploma or GED.

Wages and Benefits: Starting wage for the position is $20.97/hr. for hours worked at BPIC, and $21.60/hr. for hours worked at the Tri-Cities Airport.

Part-Time employees are eligible for participation in the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, PERS or LEOFF, as determined by employee eligibility.

Part-Time employees are eligible for Long-Term Disability coverage and the Employee Assistance Program.

Optional (employee elected) benefits include up to 4% match for the Deferred Compensation Program as provided by the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems- based on the employee’s contribution, FSA, and supplemental insurance.

Part-Time employees are only eligible for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits once they reach a minimum of 20 contract hours (i.e. set, not on-call).

Full-Time employees receive 176 hours of PTO per year, and 12 paid holidays. For Part-Time employees, the number of PTO hours earned will be prorated based on contracted (i.e. set, not on-call) hours.

Work schedule: Shift work include nights, weekends, and holidays.

The department is transitioning to a 24/7 schedule.

The tentative set shifts for this position once training is complete, are Wednesdays at the Tri-Cities Airport from 7 am-3 pm, and Sundays at BPIC from 7 am- 3pm. All other shifts would be "on-call" and no total amount of hours would be guaranteed.

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This position is considered "open until filled"

A completed application must be provided in order to be considered for this position. Please submit applications and resumes electronically through the Port of Pasco website.

It is the policy of the Port of Pasco to not discriminate against any applicant for employment, or any employee, because of age, color, sex, disability status, national origin, race, religion, veteran status, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic as protected by law.

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