A Catalyst for our Community

The Port of Pasco has a long history as a catalyst for significant changes and action in our district and region.

While the Port doesn’t itself manufacture products, we offer properties with rail, road, water and air access to support companies that do.

While the Port itself doesn’t store products, we provide a variety of warehouse spaces to businesses needing that storage.

While the Port doesn’t itself transport people by air, we work to create more frequency, more convenience, and more destinations for both business and leisure travelers.

While the Port itself doesn’t ship products by river, our barge terminal makes river shipping possible.

And while the Port itself is not an entrepreneur, we work with others to help them realize their dreams, to create jobs, and to grow our community’s economy.

We work hard to drive investments, increase the tax base and boost employment. Our efforts as a catalyst focus on business development, innovation, collaboration and a strong future. We will be highlighting examples of each of these on this blog, so check back often.

As residents of the Port District, you have shown us so much trust. We do our very best to uphold that trust, working hard on your behalf to be good stewards of this District.

Jean Ryckman President, Port of Pasco, Board of Commissioners