Columbia Basin Project

Columbia Basin Project

The Columbia Basin Project transformed the barren lands of Eastern Washington into the flourishing agricultural landscape we know today. In addition to its hallmark power generation — primarily at Grand Coulee Dam — there are nearly 700,000 acres of irrigated agricultural lands and ample recreational opportunities that draw three million annual visitors to fish, hunt, camp, swim, and explore. The Project has created biodiverse wetlands that form part of the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, and provides for flood control and municipal and industrial water uses.

If you live, work, or play in Washington, the Project impacts you. It is the foundation for livelihood, quality of life, and a secure tomorrow and generates over $4 billion in annual, cumulative economic activity (not including power generation).

Today, the Project feeds a large majority of the irrigated lands in Franklin County, but over 300,000 acres await the infrastructure needed to supply a reliable source of irrigation water to expand food production and to sustain and grow economic vitality.

The Port of Pasco supports preservation and expansion of the Columbia Basin Project to provide a diverse and direct benefit to our community and way of life.  #ColumbiaBasinProject

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