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General Aviation

The Tri-Cities Airport serves general aviation business aircraft and commercial aircraft with three runway configurations: Primary, Cross-wind and General Aviation.

Recreational and Corporate pilots are drawn to the Tri-Cities Airport for its excellent services and low airport fees. We offer a full range of aviation services in a region known for its natural beauty and mild weather.

The Tri-Cities Airport is home to over 120 based, jet, twin-engine business aircraft, helicopter, single-engine and experimental aircraft. Professional pilots, businessmen, corporate and recreational aircraft owners rely on the excellent services provided by our fixed base operator and service providers. A full range of aviation services are available at the Tri-Cities Airport from fuel providers to airframe and power-plant mechanics, avionics sales and service, to aircraft sales, rentals, charter, hangars and flight lessons.

The Tri-Cities Airport also offers;

FAA FAR Part 139 certificated Airport
All weather instrument approach Runway 21R/3L
Crosswind Runway 12/30
Utility Runway 21L/3R
FAA operated Air Traffic Control Tower and TRACON
       (ATIS Frequency 125.65)
Onsite Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF).
Air cargo services.
Commercial airline service

Commercial Airport - General Aviation Air Operations Area Badge Requirements

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all individuals who have unescorted access to the Air Operations Area to undergo a TSA Security Threat Assessment as well as have in their possession a General Aviation Air Operations Area identification badge. The TSA has defined the Air Operations Area (AOA) as any area inside the perimeter fence. This is a TSA requirement for all airports that have commercial air carrier service.


Fueling Services

Commercial and General Aviation Fueling Services are available at the Tri-Cities Airport. For information about specific services and hours, please contact the individual businesses directly:

Bergstrom Aircraft, Inc. (Phillips66Aviation) (509) 547-6271
SullinAir Jet Center (Air BP) (509) 545-6524

T-Hanger & Tie-Down Fees / Overnight Rates

For information on these fees and rates, contact Tara White at 509-547-6352 or

Aircraft Sales  
JD Aircraft Sales (509) 547-3418

Aircraft Storage Rental  
Bergstrom Aircraft, Inc. (509) 547-6271
JD Aircraft Sales (509) 547-3418
Pat Funk (managed by Bergstrom Aircraft) 509-547-6271
Terri Wirth  

Avionic Services  
Inter-Avionics, Inc. (509) 547-3004