Awarded Contracts

Per RCW 53.08.440, Ports with more than ten million dollars in annual gross revenues, excluding grant and loan funds, are required to maintain a database on a public web site of all contracts, including public works and personal services.   To comply, the Port publishes quarterly, a database of Port contracts which identify the contractor, the purpose of the contract, effective dates and periods of performance, the cost of the contract and funding source, any modifications to the contract, and whether the contract was competitively procured or awarded on a sole source basis.

2018 4th Quarter - Contracts

2018 3rd Quarter - Contracts

2018 2nd Quarter - Contracts

2018 1st Quarter - Contracts

2017 4th Quarter - Contracts

2017 3rd Quarter - Contracts

2017 2nd Quarter - Contracts

2017 1st Quarter - Contracts