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Public Records Disclosure

Port of Pasco Public Records Officer:

Vicky Keller
PO Box 769
1110 Osprey Pointe Blvd., Suite 201
Pasco, WA 99301
509.547.2547 (FAX)

Public records may be requested by completing the Port of Pasco's Public Record request form.  Submit the form to the Port's Public Records Officer named above.  It is recommended that you request a read receipt when you submit your request via e-mail.

The Port will respond promptly to your request. Within five business days after receiving a request, the Port will either:

  1. Provide the record(s);
  2. Acknowledge your request and give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to respond;
  3. Deny the request in writing, with reasons for the denial (this could also include a denial of part of your request and a granting of the remainder). The Port will tell you the specific exemption or other law it relies upon for its denial.

If a request is not clear, the Port may ask for further clarification.

The Port will provide the first 25 pages at no cost. Each additional page will be assessed $0.15 cents per page plus cost of mailing.

For more information regarding public records disclosure, please visit the Public Records and Open Meetings section of the Washington State Attorney General website at